If I Squeeze Your Head I'm Sorry
If I Squeeze Your Head I'm Sorry
Gwen Vogelzang

Welcome to If I Squeeze Your Head I'm Sorry

A safe space to share, grow & connect about topics of inclusion, story telling & specailabilities.

Who Am I?

Parenting a little man with Autism and Tourettes and a little lady with dyslexia and ADHD brings me to my knees most days.  It humbles me, empowers me, takes my breath away and alters the paths I assume our family will travel down. Rylan & I published a book about living in his brain, which has opened doors for providing a safe space to create community around inclusion, storytelling, and celebrating our specialabilities.  I'm honored and over the moon about the opportunities this online mighty network will provide our community members and the humans they interact with.   

Why You Should Join Us.

The members in our network are invested in topics of inclusion, storytelling and celebrating specialabilities.  We're targeted, passionate and focused. You won't find distraction or toxicity here.  You'll connect with people you wouldn't elsewhere and you won't waste a second doing so.  The people and the content will be curated, valuable, and safe.  Rather than scouring the interwebs for just the right conversation, just the right resources and just the right insight, you'll use us as your one stop shop.   

A Big Thanks

Your inclusion in our community is the heart of what we're aiming to accomplish.  Your stories, insights, feedback, ideas, solutions, and resources ARE why we're investing in a mighty network.  THANK YOU for being here when there are one hundred million other places you could be.  

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